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Tru Spec TRU - Multicam

This is another review of the Tru-Spec T.R.U. (tactical response uniform). I did a review of this uniform here on my page, but this uniform is slightly different. For one, there are some slight improvements/differences in this one than the original OD version that I tried. Plus I will touch on the advantages of the Crye Precision Multicam pattern camouflage.

I will cover all of the things I covered in the original review but add in the items that are slightly different in this version at the end.

I really like this uniform as an upgrade to the traditional BDU (battle dress uniform). One thing that I think should be noted in regards to the tactical application of this uniform is the large amounts of velcro on it. The velcro is very convenient and easier than the buttons of the BDU, however, it's much louder. This is one advantage of the original BDU (noise discipline). For normal military, law enforcement or security applications it shouldn't be a problem. But in the case where stealth is required, ripping open the velcro pocket on these could lead to some bad times for you and your team. You can place items you may need in pouches that are not velcro, but there's always the possibility of one of the pockets getting caught on something and that velcro ripping noise giving away your position. Aside from this issue, I think this is an absolutely great uniform.

TRU Top:

1- 2 horizontal chest pockets with velcro closures. These are much easier to get to while wearing a vest than the original BDU pockets.

2- 2 slanted shoulder pockets with velcro openings. These pockets also have velcro on the outside for attachment of unit patches. There is also a tab to cover up an IFF glint tab.

3- Zipper & velcro front opening.

4- Mandarin collar can be worn down or up to protect the neck, which is nice when wearing a vest that may rub on the neck. When worn up the collar closes via a velco tab. The tab folds under and velcros in place when worn down.

5- Reinforced elbows with pockets for elbow pads. The pocket openings are external which makes things more convenient.

6- Velcro adjustable cuffs.

7- Bellowed (bi-swing) back for more range of movement.

8- Pen pencil pocket on left forearm.

9- 3 pieces of velcro included that can be sewn on for addition of rank and name tapes.

Features of the pant:

1- 2 calf pockets with velcro closure. I don't normally use these pockets because anything that has significant weight to it causes the end of the pant leg to flop around when walking and running. Although I can see these being used inside a vehicle where they may be more accessible than other pockets when sitting.

2- 2 thigh cargo pockets with velcro closure. These pockets have a slanted opening with the idea of making it easier to get into. As with the calf pocket I think this is more useful in a vehicle than standing as I would have no problem getting into them with an unslanted opening. The pockets also have an elastic drawstring to help keep items in the pocket in case the velcro lets loose or isn't connected. These pockets also have a smaller pocket on the inside to help keep items in place. This is a sleeve-like pocket with a small velcro tab at the top to keep it closed. This easly holds a 30 round AR15 mgazine, but it's loose in the pocket.
One improvement over the TRU that I reviewed before is that the front of the pocket is bar tacked down where the original isn't. This is in the style of the original BDU Thigh pocket. I like this because it prevents the velcro pocket flap from getting snagged when walking through brush and ripping open. The pockets have drain holes as well.

3- 2 hip pockets with reinforced openings to prevent wear from a pocket knife.

4- 2 rear pockets with velcro opening.

5- 1 inch wide belt loops will fit up to a 2 1/4 inch belt.

6- Reinforced seat.

7- Reinforced knees with pockets for knee pads (Skydex pads work good). One thing I don't like about these openings (which are external) is that the opening is at the bottom of the pocket. I would think the opening at the top would make it easier to put the pad's in and remove while wearing the pants. Putting the thigh pocket a little higher would allow for an opening at the top of the knee pad pouch.

8- Drawstring at cuff.

9- Drawstring in waist helps if you don't have a belt. Initially I wasn't fond of this feature, until I forgot my belt and it worked great and wasn't as uncomfortable as I thought it'd be.

10- Button fly.

One improvement over the TRU I originally reviewed is the bar tack on the front of the thigh pockets that I discussed earlier. The other is a stronger more durable velcro. The other TRU I reviewed had strong but fairly normal velcro. The velcro on this uniform is more of an industrial strength velcro. A big improvement in the durability if the uniform. Velcro can wear out, so the stronger the better.

As for the camouflage pattern of this uniform I say it really can't be beat for a general all purpose camo. Multicam is a pattern created by Crye Precision.

First it's designed to work in both the visual and infra-red spectrum. The camouflage pattern and colors tend to reflect the general colors around you allowing it to blend in to a wide variety of environments.

The pattern also works whether the observer is close or far from the person wearing the Multicam camo. Some camo patterns are large in order to break up the silhouette at further distances, but don't work up close. Others, like hunting camo patterns, are very detailed and work good up close, but gain a little distance and they tend to blend into a large blob which silhouettes the human shape.

Only a small portion of the human eye perceives colors, the brain fills in the rest from what it knows. Therefor with a lot of camo patterns the human eye will still see the human silhouette because it's a known shape and you'll see a human in camouflage. The advanced design of the Multicam forces the eye to see the camouflage pattern as part of the background.

If you look closely at the Multicam pattern you'll see that it's not just blotches of color thrown together. First, the background isn't just one's a couple different colors theat fade and blend from one color to another. The patterns on top of them are not uniform. Some areas of the camo pattern are more green than any other color, other portions are broken up. Most camo patterns repeat and are uniform throughout the pattern...Multicam isn't. You'll also not that some of the pattern is has a crisp edge on one portion of the patttern, but fades on other edges of the pattern. Crye Precision spent a lot of time on this pattern and it really works great!

Overall, this pattern and uniform style is excellent. I've found it durable and very usefull in it's design and features.

Cleaning tip: Turn the uniform inside out to prevent the velcro from sticking to everything else. This also helps prevent wear on the uniform.

XS-5XL in short, regular, and long lengths

Available at AFMO.
$79.90 shirt
$79.90 trousers

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