Monday, July 28, 2014

M10 Gas Mask Filter Installation

Uzi Knives

You'll notice in the below picture that there is a screw missing from the one knife.  The thumb studs on the blade started to loosen up as well but I noticed them before I lost them.  So, I'd suggest checking the screws/thumb stud regularly and apply loctite to be sure they don't come loose.

****UPDATE (07/29/14):  I spoke with the company regarding this issue and they did not have any replacement screws on hand so were able to send me a replacement knife. They indicated that they plan on having loctite placed on the screws during production to help solve this problem.

Here is a picture of me trying to cut some paracord with the seatbelt cutter.   Not happening no matter how I tried.

Uzi Knives

Friday, March 28, 2014

Trakline Belt

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  Kore Essentials

Friday, January 24, 2014

"Machine gun" leggings - warning on size

I got these leggings labeled "machine gun leggings from The Cultlabel ( for my girlfriend.  They feature an M16 style rifle on one leg and a pistol in a garter on the other. 
They were labeled as one size fits all. When they arrived my girlfriend tried them on to discover that they are made for extremely short women.  My girlfriend is only 5ft 4in tall, but the waist would only come up to mid thigh.  We decided we'd have to return them and buy a different style we found on eBay.  I wrote to The Cultlabel regarding a return. They wrote back stating that they do not refund for items that are the incorrect size.  They will only refund if the wrong item was shipped or the item was defective.  We were disappointed with this since we spent over $20 for these and they are now useless to her.  So be warned when you see these online and especially if ordering from The Cultlabel.

If you support Gear Geeks, search "the cultlabel" on facebook and express your concern regarding other return policy or email them at info@thecultlabel com