Thursday, April 14, 2016

Rogue American Apparel

If you want some quality tactical swag, we highly recommend Rogue American Apparel.   Their products are not only unique and military oriented, but they're quality made.  We have placed a couple orders so far and have been very impressed.   On one order the product did not fit right, but Rogue was not making the item any more and they no longer had any or the correct size in stock.   They worked with us on getting a new item at a little bit of a deal and were super easy to work with on the return.  Our point of contact was friendly and very personable.

We have bought a few t-shirts, a couple hats, and a pair of their women's shorts.  The shirts are amazingly comfortable and soft and the printing on them is almost built right into the material.   I can't see the logo/printing coming off, where as others may peel, fade, or crack.  So far the shirts have maintained their brand new appearance in the wash and have not shrunk (the washing directions in the neck suggest washing in sweat...a nice little humorous touch).   And no tags in the shirts.   The t-shirts do run slightly small.   I wouldn't call them fitted and probably not a full size smaller, but just slightly smaller that a typical t-shirt  The printing on the shorts is actually right in the material...not something that's been added after the fact.  The 2 hats we got were custom made for Rogue and are the most comfortable hats we've ever worn.   The inner headband material is soft, and the hats are adjusted with a Velcro back.    We got a Cryptic Yeti hat and a full mesh (kinda like a trucker hat) multicam hat.  Both are favorites and have made us want to buy even more.

All in all We've kinda become addicted to Rogue American products.   They can be a little pricey, but their products aren't off the shelf department store items.  They're high quality custom made items that, so far, have shown they're going to last.

Stand by for more pictures of the items in the future!
Rogue American Apparel (link)

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Gianna Blake said...

Oh my god! These are so cool, I even have pattern leggings just like this, it seems like you have an amazing sense of style, I would love to take your help for every occasion be it a party or for the gym. I want to be a fashion blogger one day; can you please help me a little?