Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Skydex Kneepad Inserts

These are a great knee pad option when using uniforms that have knee pad pockets built into the uniform. Uniforms such as the T.R.U., Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniform, ACU, 5.11 pants, and other newer uniforms.

Here is a quote from Skydex on their material used in the making of these knee pads:

SKYDEX has a unique shape, created by molding durable plastics into chemically bonded twin hemisphere structures (picture two opposing halves of a tennis ball being squeezed together). This revolutionary design creates lightweight, strong and custom-engineered products that replace less effective cushioning methods including foam, rubber, gel and honeycomb products. The twin hemisphere design absorbs more shock in less space, while still maintaining its shape. SKYDEX is extremely versatile, allowing engineers to customize the product for almost any purpose.
These knee pads are very flexible and easily insert into the kneepad pockets. I have been using them on several occasions and the only negative thing I have experienced is not with the product itself, but with the sizing of my uniforms. You want to be sure that the kneepad insert on the uniform is in line with your knee. Mine were a little low, although a good majority of the time when kneeling they did fall in line with my knee, the other times I would just pull up on my pant leg a little in order to pull the kneepad into place. While low crawling they were in just the right place though.

After using these quite a bit I have to say that they are definitely more comfortable then the traditional knee pads as there are no straps to bind up behind your legs and they are loose on your leg. For normal kneeling, prone work, and short distance crawling they are exceptional. The padding is great and they are so light and comfy that you don't even notice that they're there. They work good with longer distance low crawling, however, your knees will take a slight beating during this where a thicker pad may be better. I did about 500 yards of low crawling at one point and my knees were a little sore, however, I think they would have been sore no matter what kneepads I was wearing.

So far these kneepads have been very durable. They look and feel like the day they came out of the package. If you have a uniform where these pads can be used I highly recommend them. Skydex can also create custom padding if needed which is very useful if you like these pads, and they also make other protective gear for all sorts of applications. You can buy them at places such as US Cavalry.

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Anonymous said...

If you insert the Skydex Kneepad Inserts into very baggy pants with knee pockets, and you're moving around quite dynamically, do the inserts shift around drastically (horizontally) so as not to be in line with your knee when you go to kneel down? This is a major concern for me.