Thursday, July 23, 2009

I.Spiewak Professional Bomber Jacket

The Professional Bomber Jacket by I. Spiewak & Sons is one that I wore for a little while for my job. Initially it seems like a decent jacket, but the zipper worried me. Being metal and a smaller zipper I thought it would break. It didn't during the time I used it. Having said that I wasn't real rough on it, but zippers on other jackets used during this same job failed in less time than the time I used this jacket.

Warmth was good with this jacket. With weather resistant nylon taslan outer shell, polyfill insulation and a nylon lining it fought off cold weather and light rain pretty well. The "fur" collar can be pulled up to give your face and neck extra protection as well.

For pockets it has 2 pleated pockets on the front with top, flap openings, and side opening hand warmer pockets behind the pleated pockets.

The Jacket features a durable and strong elastic around the waist and wrists to keep wind out. This elastic is strong but I found it a bit abrasive on the wrists. Nothing too bad, but it could be a little softer.

I didn't wear this jacket long enough to get a good feel for it's durability. Although in the time I wore it I didn't have any durability issues.

Sizes: S-5XL
Colors: Black, Dark Navy
Available at AFMO

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