Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tru Spec ECWCS Gen 2 Parka

This is the 2rd generation version of Tru-Spec's ECWCS parka. Based on the military version, but with more economical materials for a lower cost.

If you didn't know this was a commercial version of the ECWCS Goretex jacket you'd think it was the real deal. Features are the same, and quality is, for the most part, excellent. I've used this during training, for somewhat casual wear and pretty much any time it's rained in the last year or so and found it almost an exact match to the real deal.

The zipper is a plastic zipper, which is better than metal, but it is not of a quality like a YKK zipper. For the extent of features put into this jacket, I would have thought Tru Spec would have used a YKK zipper. The zipper is sometimes hard to start and zip, but isn't a show stopper. That is my only complaint with this jacket.

When wearing this in the rain I've only had rain get through once. This was during very heavy rain. When I took off the jacket my sides were a little wet. It was hard to tell where this came from since the inside of the jacket itself wasn't wet enough to tell where the leak came from. Either from the arm pit zipper or a faulty seam. I doubt it'd be from the seam since they're taped and it would be odd that it did this on both sides. I think possibly it leaked through the zipper area since normal zippers are used and not waterproof zippers.

When I first got this jacket I put it over the sink and poured some water in it. I let it set there for several hours. There was some slight dampening of the outer material, but no leaking through to the inside.

Durability has proven great with this jacket. No wear to the materials through the use I've put it through.

Here are the details of the features:

- Two way zipper with storm flap.

- Hand warmer pockets with velcro closed front pockets.

- Button up rain fly with a velcro closed document pocket on each side. These pockets open vertically and are hidden. In fact, I forgot that these jackets had these and it took me a week or so before I remembered and found them.

- Velcro closure wrists

- Reinforced elbows. This reinforcement is a thicker, higher abrasion resistant material and thoroughly covers the elbow area!

- Ability to snap in the Tru-Spec Fleece Liner

- Angled shoulder pockets w/velcro closure

- Hood that stows away in the collar.

- Drawstring cinches in the collar, inner waist, and bottom opening

- Rank tab on front for attaching rank pins/patches. This provides for a professional appearance as well as protecting the waterproof liner from being pierced.

- Underarm zipped vents.

- Velcro wrist adjustments

- Taped seams

Overall this is an excellent jacket and a great affordable alternative to the more expensive Goretex version of the ECWCS jacket. Durability has been good and on par with the issued jacket and quality is excellent (aside from the non-YKK zippers). Of course you do get a little swishing noise when moving just as you do with the issued jacket, but it's not excessive.

An overall good buy if you're looking for an affordable rain jacket/wind breaker for your outdoor or tactical needs!

Colors: Multicam, UCP, Digital Desert Camo, Digital Woodland Camo, OD, Coyote, Black

Found at AFMO.

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