Monday, March 8, 2010

Tru-Spec ECWCS micro fleece

Tru-Spec micro fleece liner is designed not only as a stand-alone jacket, but also to be used inside Tru-Spec's ECWCS Parkas. This fleece is extremely comfortable, with the micro fleece and nylon liner, it's soft yet warm. On a chilly day it's great on it's own, and when the weather turns worse it's great insulation when combined with an outer wind resistant layer.

When combined with the outer layer the liner zips in and attaches at the cuffs and back of the neck via loops and snaps.

This fleece features an adjustable waist, via cord and cord lock and has elastic cuffs.

ID and rank can be attached on the front using the attached velcro loop patches.

For pockets you have 2 hand warmer style pockets.

Durability seems excellent, and quality is good. The only down side I can see quality wise is the zipper. I'm not sure why Tru-spec would skimp out on the zipper, but it's not a YKK zipper and tends to give you zipping issues every now and again and separates on occasion. For the cost of the fleece though, I suppose it's not a huge issue. This is meant as a liner for the ECWCS parka and it zips into it flawlessly. The zipper issues mostly come when using the fleece on it's own.

Overall I've found it to be pretty decent and serves it's purpose well.

Price ranges from $30 - $40.

Colors: Black, Coyote, Foliage Green

Sizes: Small - 3XL

Available from AFMO.

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