Saturday, March 6, 2010

DriFire Boxer Briefs

DriFire makes fire resistant clothing systems for use by military, Law Enforcement, or anyone going in harms way. Their products are used in place of other clothing items that may be harmful when fire may be present. Most moisture wicking clothing is primarily made of polyester, which not only burns well, but will melt to the skin. Cotton clothing will burn and not self extinguish. DriFire has eliminated this concern. The material used in their products doesn't catch fire easily, and when a fire is hot enough to catch the material, it self extinguishes in only a second or two. Their material is also moisture wicking and uses freshguard odor resistant technology. The flame resistant and odor resistant properties are permanent and will not wash out.

One of DriFire's products that I've recently tried are the boxer briefs. The material is typical DriFire material, soft and comfortable. The waist is comfortable as well.

I had a slight sizing issue as they tend to run slightly larger than normal boxer briefs... so keep this in mind when ordering. So wearing the T&E pair has been more like wearing regular boxers. Comfort is still good even with them being loose.

When it comes to layering and being protected, these boxer briefs add another layer to your protection and comfort.

Color: OD, Black, coyote brown, desert tan, foliage green, navy blue

MSRP: $23.99

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