Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Safariland ALS Paddle Holster

The Safariland ALS Paddle Holster (Model#6378-283-131 reviewed) is considered by Safariland to be a concealable holster. This holster works well under a loose fitting button up shirt or jacket and is good for open carry as well. It holds the pistol tightly and securely to the body. Depending on the model of pistol, it may be harder to hide this under a t-shirt. With my Glock 19 it's obvious that there's something idd riding on your belt when used under a normal T-shirt.

As for security, the holster features a tension screw and an automatic locking system (ALS). I won't get into how this works on an open blog, but it's easily disengaged while acquiring a good shooting grip and is the easiest locking mechanism I've used. The draw and unlocking of the mechanism is very natural and fluid!

This particular model comes with a paddle mount. This paddle, once on a sturdy belt, will not accidentally come off when drawing. I've had this happen before, but I find it almost impossible for this to happen with this paddle. In fact, you have to work a little bit to get it off your side.

The inside of this holster, as many of Safariland holsters are, is lined with suede to help protect your pistol. In some models I've found this makes it hard to draw the handgun... but not in this model.

The finish on this particular model is the STX Tactical; a carbon fiber looking finish is also available.

One nice thing about Safariland holsters is there many interchangeable mounting options. This holster, for example, can be placed on a belt mount, a leg shroud, and a quick release mount that allows you to move it from a MOLLE vest to the thigh or belt.

I really have been impressed with this holster. It's one that won't just get thrown in my holster box of unused holsters. In fact, I've ordered a leg shroud for this holster and will be using it in a Tactical Response "Fighting Rifle" course this summer. I will update this post after that course.

Cost: Approx. $55-$80 (depending on model of handgun & finish)


Anonymous said...

I used Safariland holsters back in the day when I carried a Colt
Combat commander lighweight.

Anonymous said...

Very Nice.

Anonymous said...

Right now I prefer the belt loop vs the paddle for added stability