Sunday, August 29, 2010

Coleman 40-529 Watch

This is a great value watch that can be purchased in the store or online for an MSRP of $20. Yep, $20. Not too bad for what you get. Does it have it's potential flaws or possible improvements, of course. But it's a $20 watch.

Here are some of the features:
- Time - 12/24 hour format
- Day and date display
- Dayglow display
- Backlight
- Stopwatch
- 24 hour countdown timer
- 5 alarms
- hourly chime

My observations of this watch are as such:
- The watch is slightly uncomfortable due to the stiff, thick watch band. The band may or may not be durable because of it's thickness. I have yet to determine this. It is nice and thick, but it's stiff, which leads me to believe it'll crack over time.

- The face of the watch is plastic instead of glass, which will be more prone to scratching.

- The buttons stick out from the side and have a lip to catch on stuff. I'm afraid this may cause the buttons to pull off, as happened with a Timex watch I had which had the same type of buttons.

- The buttons stick out and are easy to press, which causes them to inadvertently be activated when you don't want them to.

Despite the somewhat flawed design for an outdoor watch it's actually pretty decent for the price. And, it does have a cool outdoors look, with it's large size, compass bearings, and tire tred band design. I will update this post regarding durability as I use and abuse this watch.


Anonymous said...

I like your reviewing style. Not very impressed with the watch, though. But you did a very comprehensive and thorough review. Nice job. You just got another subscriber. Sending you my watch video.

john said...

thanks! I look forward to the update.

secretbol said...

Great review. Was looking at these the other day. Now I know more.

Welcome to My World said...

Hi i am from Hyderabad. once of my Cousin brought for me this watch, but i lost the wrist belt.form where i can get it? please send me details on 9966200244

Jake said...

you may have to contact the company directly...but being a $20 (USD) watch, I'd just buy a whole new watch.

Doobra said...

I have the 40-374 Coleman watch and it is great for durability. It also has temperature in F or C your choice. I have had this watch for about 4 years now and never take it off. I wear it to the beach, while swimming camping etc and have had no problems with it. This watch has buttons on the side that are more flush with the design so they have never been pushed by accident. The strap is Velcro so it makes it comfortable to wear 24/7. I just need to find a new strap as this one finally broke where the plastic loop piece attaches the Velcro. Do you know where I can get one since the watch is still in great shape