Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ipod/Iphone Flashlight App.

I downloaded this application for my Ipod Touch 3G when I first got it but realized a new upgrade to it recently. The idea behind this app is that it lights up the full screen of your Ipod/Iphone to use as a flashlight. You can change the color of the screen by swiping side to side on the screen and adjust brightness by swiping up and down.

Recently it was upgraded to include several strobe type flash patterns. Initially I didn't see the usefullness of this, but then it hit me that this would make a great hasty warning device. I'm thinking during a vehicular break down on the side of the road this could be placed in the window or on the bumper when changing a tire, etc, etc. You can change the strobe colors in almost all of the patterns and although this doesn't compare to emergency stobe lights, it does catch the eye and gives additional warning in addition to your 4-ways. These strobes could also be used for signaling during other emergency situations as well

I've found a new and better use for this flashlight app and will keep it on my Ipod for the remainder of the time I have it.

Check the video for a visual of the strobe options.

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