Thursday, January 28, 2010

Revision Desert Locust & Extreme Weather Goggles

Desert Locust

The Revision Desert Locust is the standard goggle from Revision. Revision made this goggle for the war fighter and is not just a modified snow goggle. This goggle is designed to give the user excellent field of view and designed to be more streamlined to be worn with a helmet, along with excellent ballistic protection.

These goggles, since made for combat, meet ANSI and military specifications for ballistic protection. The polycarbonate lenses also provide 100% protection from UV-A, UV-B and UV-C rays.

Field of view really is excellent and the clarity of the lens is great. The top and lateral vents along with OcuMax® coating help to reduce fogging and provide fresh air to the eyes. The vents don't allow particles in, however, by the use of a filtration media in the vents. I have only seen very slight, temporary fogging around the edges of these goggles during high activity. The fogging isn't noticeable unless you're really looking for it and is more condensation than fogging.

The fit of these goggles is like no other that I've worn. They almost form to your face and are extremely comfortable. The first time I wore them I was really amazed that they didn't feel like goggles on the face, they felt more like a nice pair of glasses. The frame is like a smooth rubber type material that is pliable and forms to the face.

The strap system can be removed in order to add or remove the lens cover. The strap is also designed so that the goggles can be worn over helmets.

With the military kit that I got there is the tinted lenses provided as well as a carrying case, both nice additions to the goggles. Changing lenses was quick and easy.

Several options are available for these goggles:

- Prescription insert

- Clear, smoke, and yellow lenses

- Colors: Black, Foliage, Tan

Overall comfort and the comfort of knowing these goggles have been proven in combat and tested in the lab makes them a great investment if you are in a hazardous environment where your eyes may be in danger.

Desert Locust Extreme Weather Goggles

Revision sent this pair of goggles to me to test out since I live in NY and we get some pretty bad weather in the winter, as well as hot weather in the summer.

These goggles are based on the basic design of the Desert Locust, but have improvements for those who will be using them in more extreme environments.

First I'll cover the upgrades/differences in these goggles compared to the original Desert Locust goggles:

- One main difference is the lens. The Extreme Locust has a dual-pane lens. This along with the OcuMax coating greatly reduce instances of fogging.

- Instead of the smooth rubber face piece, the Extreme Locust has a fleece lined foam face piece. This provides better comfort in extreme cold and heat and is more pliable in extreme cold environments than the original face piece.

Other than these 2 changes they're the same design as the original Desert Locust. These 2 changes do, however, make a difference in extreme environments. I've experience no fogging while wearing these goggles in either environment. I did get some slight condensation from sweating while wearing these, but it was only slight (a couple beads) and toward the edge of the lens. I only noticed it once I took the goggles off.

Overall, if you're going to be in extreme environments, these goggles are a step up from the Desert Locust in dealing with these extremes.


Anonymous said...

Can these be worn over regular eyeglasses?

Jake said...

They do not have cut outs for glasses. My brother put them on with thin wired glasses and it was possible, but not ideal.