Tuesday, January 12, 2010

ReviveX Wash-in Water Repellent

ReviveX Wash-in Water Repellent Concentrate, from McNett , is used to restore the water repellent nature of your wet weather clothing.

Wearing and washing your water repellent garments in normal detergents will reduce the water repellent nature of your outerwear. You'll start to notice what McNett calls "wet-out". I've personally experienced this and is when the outer layer of your garment absorbs water. Now, most high end wet weather garments use a waterproof breathable layer with a more durable water repellent outer layer and a soft inner layer. Some garments just use a treatment to the garment instead of a waterproof layer. This treatment can help both.

For a garment with a water repellent treatment, this product will help restore it's properties.

For a garment that has a waterproof layer, generally washing doesn't effect this layer if done according to the manufacturers guidelines. However, wear and washing can effect the outer water repellent layer and cause "wet-out". This needs to be fixed for a couple reasons. One, this is another layer of protection against water. Two, when "wet-out" occurs it's more likely that water will seep in through seams and zippers. And, three, the "wet-out" prevents proper breathability of the garment because of the absorbed water.

I've used this product on several garments. I wouldn't say the water repellent nature is 100% back to "like new", but it does greatly increase the beading on the outer layer, where before the water would absorb.

It's always good to use a specialized treatment when you wash your water repellent garments, and the McNett wash-in water repellent concentrate does the job.


KenMar said...


I'm about to order ReviveX from USA as it's too expensive in Australia and can generally only find ReviveX Spray-On for Soft Shells.

As per instructions, ReviveX Wash-In treats upto 7 garments per 355ml bottle, ReviveX Spray-On 295ml treats upto 4 garments.

Both treatments are heat set and from information, provide exactly the same level of DWR protection.

Rather than purchasing multiple ReviveX products, can I dilute the ReviveX Wash-In concentrate at the rate of 175ml with 120ml filtered water which makes 295ml of spray, then use this mixture to spray-On Gore-tex apparel and heat set in clothes dryer as usual.

Kind Regards, Ken

Jake said...

I'm not sure...that might be something you should check with the manufacturer about....if i can i'll look into it too