Sunday, November 1, 2009

Maxpedition Cuboid

The Maxpedition Cuboids can be used to help keep your gear organized. They're simple in design but help out immensely.

They come in 3 sizes to choose from... Small (7.5” x 4.5” x 2.5”), Medium (10” x 7” x 3”), Large
(14” x 10” x 3”)

The small I've found great for my computer accessories. It'd make a great hygiene kit for travel or for other small items when packing.

The medium I have used for smaller clothing items while camping and traveling.

The large I've used for larger clothing items. In fact, on one camping trip I packed all of my clothes for the weekend in this one and it made getting to my clothing so easy. Instead of digging through a pack, I could just slide this out and then sort through my clothes.

One nice thing about the Cuboids is that they have mesh. This is good for wet or damp items and also makes seeing the contents of the Cuboid easier. When I first saw the Cuboids I worried about the mesh, thinking it might be a real weak point. That the mesh would wear out easily or that the seams where the mesh met the cloth material. This assumption is way off base. The mesh is a strong material and is a thick material. Where the mesh is sewn to the solid cloth material is quite strong. Unless you're trying to rip the seeam out I don't believe it'll rip on it's own with normal to fairly hard use.

One improvement I'd make on the Cuboid is in the reinforced sleeve pocket on the inside of the top cover. This is a real strong plastic material that is internally reinforced with threading...not going to rip or break down any time soon. But, the opening for the sleeve doesn't have velcro and items tend to fall out of this sleeve when you open the top. I'd suggest a small piece of velcro at the opening or a small tab with velcro to hold items in.

Other features include:
- Handle on each side.
- 2 way zipper with 2 pull tabs.
- 1000D water and abrasion resistant ballistic Nyloon construction.

These really do come in handy, and are overbuilt like all Maxpedition gear I've tried. So you know it's going to last quite a while.

OD Khaki
Foliage Green
UCP Digital Camo

Small - $14.99
Medium - $16.99
Large - $18.99


Anonymous said...

nice review dude!

Anonymous said...

Very nice review. I have been looking at these and I now think I will order some. Thank you