Saturday, October 31, 2009

Energizer Head Lamp

This is Energizer's 3-LED version head lamp. 2 of the LEDs are white and one Red LED to help maintain your natural night vision. This head light runs on 3 AAA batteries. This makes it easier to change the battery than other versions that use watch batteries, which, at times can be hard to come by where as AAA batteries can be found in almost any store and are significantly cheaper.

The things I like about this light are, it's long run time, bright Red LED, rotating light, simple 2 mode functions (Red or White light). Changing the batteries is a snap as well, just open the back and replace the batteries. No screws to deal with. The padding on the back is nice, however, I think that if the back was more contoured to fit your head it would be a bit more comfortable, as the back is flat. Also, another problem I have had with this light is it accidentally turning on while in my bag due to the switch being exposed on the top of the lamp.

This headlamp has seen plenty of use by me and will continue to do so. I love this headlamp, for being fairly inexpensive and so far has proven to be rugged as well.

Update (10/31/09):
Since the last posting this headlamp has seen plenty of use. In fact the padding on the back has worn off and the back cover has cracked due to repeated removal and replacement (both of these issues can be seen in the picture below). This removal and replacement is due o the batteries being removed each time I stored it in my pack since it would inadvertently turn on when the batteries were not removed. I still use this headlamp for reading in bed at home and light camp work, but I've found it a little too weak in light output for the more demanding jobs.

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