Tuesday, November 3, 2009

5.11 ATAC Shield Boots

The ATAC Shield boots by 5.11 tactical are probably some of the best quality boots I've tried for their price range. Probably half of the employees where I work use them and durability and comfort has, for the most part, been excellent. There have been the occasional person the preferred something else over the 5.11 brand, but for the most part everyone that wears them loves them, myself included.

I've been wearing these boots for over a year and a half. I can't remember exactly when I bought them, but it's been at least a year and a half since I got them. They look as if they've only been worn for a few months...ad you can see from the picture below.

One thing you'll notice when polishing them is that they take a shine very easily. I generally polish them once a week and they shine right up with no problem! They also have an area that looks like the traditional leather basket weave of the patrol officers duty belt...a nice touch and looks professional.

Comfort is excellent right off the bat. I didn't feel as if there was a break in period, as they felt great right out of the box. To this day comfort is still good. I've recently replaced the insoles as the originals were wearing way too thin. I had to make some adjustments on the size for the new insoles as the edges rode up on the composite toe and pushed on my toes. So some trimming on them and we're back in business.

As for features, here they are:

- Composite safety toe. This is safer and more comfortable than steel! In cold NY winters they aren't nearly as cold on your toes as steel.

- Waterproof, breathable membrane. This, along with the full leather coverage provide your feet with protection from water and chemicals. Even though the membrane is breathable, with it along with the full grain leather your feet will be slightly warmer that with a nylon upper. The waterproof protection ends about 2 inches from the top of the boot because that's as high as the gusset in the tongue goes.

- Moisture wicking, anti-bacterial lining.

- Side zipper with zipper strap. The strap that holds the zipper pull tab is still in good condition. I find this the weak point of side-zip boots. Most times the velcro will wear excessively or the tab starts to come apart. No problem with these tabs yet.

- Hidden pocket on the outer portion of the ankle. This is supposed to be for a handcuff key. The idea is that an officer may want an extra key in case he's unlucky enough to get handcuffed with his own cuffs. I haven't used this for any key storage, however.

- Oil and slip resistant outsole This sole is quiet too, there isn't any squeaking on tile surfaces whether dry or wet. Great traction as well.

- Non-metallic shank. Stabilizes the foot and won't set off metal detectors.

- Semi-rigid heel and toe reinforcement
- Shock Mitigation System provides excellent comfort without a lot of extra weight.

- "Sniper" grips on the inside portion of the toe and heel. The idea is that these small nubs will help you grip when you're in the prone. A nice idea, but I'm not sure if they'll make much difference. It can't hurt to have them on there, but I'm not sure they help too much either. These little nubs have also started to wear off.

Overall I highly recommend these boots. Based on these boots I'd venture to guess that the rest of the 5.11 footwear is excellent gear. Quality, durability, and comfort are top notch.

MSRP: $159.99

Sizes: 4-15 Regular & wide widths

After almost 2 years of use:


Anonymous said...

I disagree, they aren't waterproof at all , they are also slippy ! And the shoes lace that they come with untie everytime ! Not easy to polish because it's not real leather.... but I like them


Jake said...

I agree that the laces do tend to come untied easily, but the waterproof liner has worked great for me so far. I've also gone from rainy and snowy weather to the indoor tiled area and had no slipping issues. You've had a different experience, but I haven't had these issues. And, they are in fact full grain leather... Don't know what more to say. Shining has been the easiest I've ever experienced, and I've worn a lot of black combat/tactical boots. That's just my experience with these boots in the past 2 years.

Anonymous said...

I have those boot for the past 3 years or so , and they are not waterproof at the top of the boot where the shoe lace start . If they are full grain leather , the leather is falling a part on the top of the toe then....


Jake said...

You're right, even thought the boots are waterproof to the top, the gusset connecting the tongue to the upper ends a couple inches from the top. Because of this, if you're in water up to the very top water will leak through in the tongue area above where that gussetted area ends. I believe most boots end that gusset a little lower than the very top of the boot to make it easier to get your foot in the boot.

Anonymous said...

You said you had them for two years. How often do you wear them? The pocket is a bad idea for a cuff key. May work but you need to be worried about loosing it. My personal opinion. One of the guys on my squad uses it for a small backup blade with a clip.

Jake said...

I wear them a minimum of 40 hours a week. I was out of work for a little over 3 months during the 2 year time frame so that's why i say almost 2 years.

Jake said...

i don't use the handcuff key pocket.