Friday, December 19, 2008

Otis Special Forces Dry Lube

Most in the tactical community have heard of Otis and know of their reputation for quality firearms cleaning products. I was able to try their military deluxe cleaning kit and was really amazed at how versatile it was. A newer product that Otis has come out with is their dry lubricant. It's made for dusty environments where a wet lubricant will attract dust, sand, and other gunk. Not only is it a lubricant but it can also be used as a cleaner and rust inhibitor/moisture displacer.

One thing to note is that you don't want to over do it on this lubricant. I know that a lot of times we tend to drench the bolt of our rifles with oil, which is fine with normal oil, but with this dry lubricant you want just enough to get a light coat on the parts (one drop is enough to cover 1 square inch). The reason for this is because this lubricant is in liquid form and then dries quickly to become a dry lubricant. If you use too much there's the possibility of it working properly. This has not been a problem for me since I've only used enough to lightly coat the parts. After applying the lubricant it only takes about 30 seconds for it to start drying. It dries completely and bonds to the metal within a matter of minutes.

I've used this exclusively on my firearms since receiving it. I've used it on my Glock, AR15, and Remington .22. It's worked fine in these firearms. I have no scientific way of proving it but it seems to work just as well as regular wet lubricants.

I've also used this in a couple application that it wasn't necessarily designed for. One way I've used it is on my hair clippers. Since the wet lubricants that are made for them tend to attract hair. The hair builds up on the clippers causing them to not work quite like they should. With this lubricant that doesn't happen.

I've also used this lubricant on all of my pocket knives. For one it helps in the summer time where humidity is high and your body sweats and tends to rust a pocket knife. The moisture displacing properties of this lubricant help to prevent rust on the blade. The pivot point on a pocket knife always attracts dust and pocket lint with wet lubricants. I find myself blasting the lint out often with either canned air or powder blast and then reapplying a wet lubricant. With the Otis dry lubricant this isn't necessary quite so often, and in fact I haven't had to do this to my knives since I applied the Otis lube.

Another thing to remember with this lubricant when using it to clean your firearms is that you'll want to flush it away with a solvent once the part is cleaned and then reapply a light coat of clean lubricant.

If you're in a dusty environment this lubricant is an excellent choice for your. I also recommend it for anyone that doesn't or isn't able to do regular maintenance on your firearms and has the problem of lint, dust or grime building up on a wet lubricant, this will work for you as well. Firearms carried inside the waistband or in the pocket will tend to build up lint quickly which is why I use this for my concealed carry Glock as well. This lubricant will find it's place for almost anyone in the tactical, law enforcement, or military community.


.5 oz - $2.15

2 oz - $5.45

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