Thursday, December 25, 2008

Hatch Kevlar Patrolman Glove

I've used the Hatch Kevlar Patrolman gloves for the past 4 years for doing tactical drills and daily on duty use. I haven't had to replace the gloves yet and they have held up well to regular use. These gloves are designed to protect your hands from general wear and tear and from dangers like flashbangs, etc etc. The Kevlar material used in these gloves is durable, cut resistant and flame resistant.

The name is slightly misleading as the kevlar is only on the back of the hand/fingers. This isn't a search & seizure glove. It can be used for that purpose as there is pretty good tactility, but there is no added cut/puncture protection on the palms or gripping surfaces of the fingers. Speaking of tactility, these gloves are very nice to wear when using firearms as well as long as they're fitted properly.

The palms and gripping surfaces are made of a synthetic suede type material. I saw an individual fall on cement and this palm area tore wide open, but his hand was unharmed. So, this material will protect your hands. The web portion of your grip has Hatch's extreme-grip non-slip material which helps in firearms control.

The wrist closure is Velcro. I haven't had any issues with this Velcro getting worn. It's lasted the life of the gloves just fine.

The gloves are washable and don't tend to shrink. They will loose a little of their color when you wash them and will look more of a dark gray.

Again, I've used these gloves quite a bit and they're excellent gloves. They're nice and form fitting and though you're not going to be picking a dime up off a table too easy with these gloves, I feel that they don't hinder your use of a firearm or other tactical gear due to their good fit and thin materials.

Sizes: s-xxl
AFMO Price
: $27.40


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