Friday, January 2, 2009

Novatac 120T Tactical Light

I have been using this Novatac 120T light for several months now and have found it very impressive and useful for many different applications. This version is designed as a tactical light (hence the T at the end of the name) and has been used by me for such applications as well as for a daily carry light while on duty, and also as a camp light and general purpose light.

The features of this light make it perfect for all the above mentioned applications. It's a very rugged light which gives you all the cool features of other larger more expensive lights in a compact design that won't break the bank compared to others. It's white LED give it a longer battery life and is more durable that a bulb.

The light (actually a high powered LED) has the ability to adjust to 3 different brightness levels quickly by clicking the tail cap. First off. By just holding down the tail cap while the light is off gives you momentary full brightness. Once you release the tail cap the light turns off. By clicking the tail cap once you get full brightness level (120 lumens) that stays on. This is great for outside and for when you want to really light up a room. From that point if you click the tail cap twice real quick the brightness reduces to 10 lumens. This is great for indoors or close up work where you don't want as much of a light signature. From either the 120 lumens or 10 lumens setting, clicking the tail cap three times real quick will reduce the light level to 3 lumens. This is a good setting for close up work when light discipline is important to prevent giving away your location and helping to maintain your natural night vision. I've found that all three of these levels are a good amount of light for different applications.

Another feature that makes this light great for tactical applications is it's disorienting strobe feature. If you've ever been in a club with a strobe going you understand how this can disorient you. It covers the movements of the person using the strobe yet allowing that person to see the movements of the subject they're pointing the strobe at. When you point the strobe into someone's eyes from a distance it's also easy to move closer to that person without them being able to tell you're getting closer. This is good for handcuffing and disarming.

The strobe feature is activated by holding down the end cap, releasing the tail cap takes you back to the level you were at. You can do this from any of the lumen levels. Just hold down the tail cap and the strobe feature activates at the full 120 lumen level. Also, while the light is on in any lumen level you can turn the strobe on permanent instead of momentary mode. This way you don't have to hold down on the tail cap. To do this you click the end cap quickly once, then click it a second time holding down on the tail cap for a second or two and then you can release it and the strobe will continue to flash.

Aside from the actual lighting features there are several other useful features in this watch. They are as follows:
  1. Extended textured tail cap button. Makes activating the light convenient.
  2. Pocket clip. I found this pocket clip difficult to attach and remove. It attaches by taking the tail cap off and placing the pocket clip ring on the light then replacing the tail cap. The part that is difficult is that you have to put it past the O-ring. Getting it over the O-ring is hard and can damage the O-ring, and removing the O-ring is no easy task either. If this could be made easier it'd help out a ton. The pocket clip also has a lanyard hole in it.
  3. Strike bezel. This is great for pain compliance and strike techniques.
  4. Auto brightness reduction when the battery is low. This helps save battery life and also gives you an indication that the battery is low.
  5. Reverse polarity protection.
  6. Rubber ring included to help give you grip when using by hand. I found that this would tend to slip off it's spot on the light at times when stored in a pocket. I've found the light is just as easy to maintain a good grip without the ring.
  7. Thermal regulation.
  8. Waterproof to 66ft. I have used this flashlight under heavy rain conditions as well as letting it sit in water for hours with no ill effects. Being a former Marine I always look for products that can withstand some water!
  9. Polycarbonate lens with anti-reflective coatings reduces the chance of glare giving away your position and help to give you a better quality of light output.

Again, I've used this light in tons of different conditions and it's durability and features are impressive for a light of such compact dimensions. It's small enough to carry in your pocket for off duty use, or for a lightweight mounted light option for weapons. I have it on my rifle and it's not been effected by recoil so far. This light is really a good catch whether you're in the military, law enforcement, or security field.

• Input Voltage: 1.8V to 4.5V
• Maximum Light Output: 120 Lumens
• Regulation: Constant Power Regulation
• Battery: 1xCR123A
or Li-ion (4.2V) Rechargeable
• Dimensions: 1 Inch (25mm)
Diameter by 3.3 Inches (80mm) Long
• Weight: 3.1 Ounces Including Battery

Data Sheet
User Guide
MSRP: $149

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