Thursday, October 9, 2008

Williams & Williams Morale Stickers

Williams & Williams have created some really cool decals that can be bought on their site, They have taken several morale patches, meters, flags and more and turned them into a durable decals that are hard to find anywhere else.

The decals come 4 to a strip and are digitally printed on adhesive backed vinyl, which is then laminated and cut using a computer controlled device. The decals will last outdoors without the laminate, but the laminate adds even more protection to the decal.

These decals can be removed and repositioned immediately following their application, however, after a couple days the glue bonds and removal will most likely result in damage to the decal. The decals work great on convex surfaces too without distortion to the decal.

I have placed these decals on several different items to test their durability, adhesion, and, well....cause they look awesome. I placed a calico jack on the bumper of my Avalanche to test it's durability in all 4 seasons here in NY. It's been on there for a couple months and hasn't shown any signs of wear yet. We will see what the winter temperatures, snow, and salt do. I also placed a subdued flag on a protec helmet used for work, a evil smiley on my son's jeep, which gets tons of use, and a subdued flag on the butt stock of my rifle.

These decals are really awesome. I will be ordering some in the near future for use on several items. They go where velcro morale patches can't, so you can put your morale anywhere.

Custom decals are also available.

MSRP: $2.00 per strip (4)

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