Thursday, October 9, 2008

Maya Sticks

Maya sticks by light-my-fire help you do exactly that...light your fire. They're made of Pino de Ocote, a fatwood pine cultivated in the highlands of Guatemala and Mexico. Maya sticks are easy to light, even when wet, and stay burning hot for a decent amount of time to get a good fire going.

You can use one or two of these sticks to easily light your camp fire, or, as suggested by Light-my-fire's PR rep, shave off some of the fire stick to make a small tinder pile and light that. This tends to help save on sticks because half a stick shaved down really worked well. This past summer I used these while camping to start our camp fires and they're really a handy item to have in your camping gear. I'll continue to use them this winter to start our fireplace in our family room.

There's not a whole lot to tell about this product, other than the fact that they work good and are handy to have to get a good fire started when good, dry tinder and kindling wood may be hard to find.

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