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"Each year, an estimated 500 billion to 1 trillion single-use plastic bags are consumed worldwide. In the United States alone, the average citizen uses between 300 and 700 plastic bags per year. Currently, 97% of these bags end up in either a landfill or littering our planet's fragile eco-systems."
- ChicoBag

This is why ChicoBags can help us protect the environment. I received a couple of these bags and when I knew I was getting some to review I though...ok...a little cloth bag...big deal. But being open minded I wanted to see what they're all about. When the box came I was really impressed with what was inside.

First let me cover the concept behind these bags. The idea is to limit or reduce the use of plastic grocery bags. Plastic bags create waste not only in their ending up in a landfill most times, but also in their production by creating harmful waste and fumes. Now, If I personally am going to buy $300 worth of groceries, most times I still use the plastic bags at the store. On the other hand...these are really great if you're going to the store for a few things you can take them with you and use these bags instead of a plastic bag. These bags are made of a light but strong woven nylon that is super packable. They pack up in their own stuff sack (which is sewn to the inside of the bag so it's not lost) and has an included carabiner to retain the bag.

One thing I use this bag for on a regular basis is for taking my lunch to work. I always used a plastic bag, and then just threw it out after I ate my lunch. This bag though, allows me to use the same bag over and over and it just packs right back into it's stuff sack once I'm done with it. By doing this, I can assure that the plastic bags I do have at home go out for recycling instead of in the garbage (read: land fill). I also use them for dirty laundry when traveling. Pretty much anything a plastic bag would have been used for.

ChicoBags also have a fundraising program if you're interested in raising money and also help the environment, this is a great way to do it.

A custom ChicoBag program is also available. This way you can have your own logo printed on the ChicoBag. This is a good idea for stores who would like to go green and also get their store name out on a good reusable bag.

If making a reusable bag wasn't enough, ChicoBag went even further to help the environment by creating a zero waste program to recycle old ChicoBags and any other reusable bags. They will redistribute bags that are still functional to fixed and low income families and recycle the rest to be used in new products....such as Grateful Threads Rugs.

Right now ChicoBags come in their original size (18" x 14.5"), but another size has been produced called the Vita Bag (19" x 15.5"). It is slightly larger, has complimentary trim and has shoulder length straps.

I really like these bags and can say they having a couple on hand is really kind of cool and useful...not to mention better for the environment!

Weight: 1.5 oz

Capacity: Original - 25 lbs. Vita - 40lbs.

Colors for original bag: pink, mango, purple, blue, black, red, pale green, green, brown, earth logo.

MSRP: $5 each

For every 4 bags you buy, the 5th is free.

Bagmonster Blog.
Update: When washing these bags, be sure you do not dry them...hang them to dry or the draw cord on the stuff sack portion will shrink.

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