Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Outdoor Meal Kit

This is another great product by light-my-fire. The outdoor meal kit is the Swedish update to the mess kit. It's good for use while camping and hiking and also fits in just as well at home or the workplace. This kit provides plenty of unique features and uses. I have been using it for a while now for camping and taking food to work. I have used it in the microwave as well as the dishwasher and it shows no wear. Here are the features of this kit:

  1. Dishwasher safe
  2. Floats
  3. Microwave safe
  4. Main container retains all other pieces. Both the top and bottom of the main container can be used as a plate. Bottom of the container can be used as a bowl.
  5. Bowl included that can be used as a spill proof cup. The top provides a waterproof seal and has a small hole in it to drink from. This bowl/cup also has measurements in it for 100, 200, and 300 ml, They are marked with a 1, 2 and 3. This cup also has a small handle that makes it easy to pick up.
  6. Includes a strainer/cutting board. This is nice and thick and is a great addition to this kit.
  7. Includes a smaller waterproof bowl/container which is good for keeping spices or anything else you want to keep moisture away from.
  8. Included spork is very handy. One end is a spoon, the other end is a fork with serrated knife. The knife is actually very nice and works well. I have several of these sporks for camping and one I keep with my work gear for times when a spoon or fork is needed but not available. See my review for more details.
  9. Harness available for attaching this to your pack and keeping the container closed.
I like this item and think that it's a really god item. The quality is outstanding. This kit has quite a bit that you can use all in one small package. There is even room inside for additional items. I keep my firefork and firesteel in the main compartment as well. A fairly simple kit, but with a lot of innovative and unique features!

MSRP: $19.95

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