Monday, September 15, 2008

Light-My-Fire FireSteel

Light-My-Fire is a Swedish company that has a lot of innovative products for the outdoors man or anyone who goes camping or is on the move. Their FireSteel is a really nice fire starting tool that was designed for the Swedish Department of Defense, but it's great fore starting camp fires, grills, etc etc. I have used mine most to start my MSR portable camp stove due to the fact that the gasoline can light very quick in a ball of flames and with this firesteel I can light it at a distance.

The firesteel comes in 3 different sizes (mini, scout, Army). The one I've been using is the Army model. Here are the specs on this version:
  1. Up to 12,000 strikes
  2. Works when wet and in the wind.
  3. Produces a spark that's 5,500°F
  4. Spark is bright enough to be used as an emergency signal.
  5. Available in subdued colors.
  6. Includes it's own striker which is attached via para cord. This striker works great. You get a spark every time.
  7. Shipped and stored with a protective coating on the "flint" area. This is easily rubbed off with the striker or a blade.
This is a great piece of gear that you should have several of if you're in the outdoors a lot or a camper. I really like this model and I'll be buying a couple of the minis to test out and to use on my key chain. I like them that much!!

MSRP $17.99

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