Tuesday, September 9, 2008

KG Coating's cleaning products

KG coatings has everything you'd need in the area of firearm cleaning and lubricating products. I received several cleaning and lubricating products to test out and found them to be high quality items. The products are all made to meet military and police SWAT standards. I found these items pretty unique in that a lot of times, especially in the military and police work, you just use a simple CLP and possibly a spray solvent to both clean and lubricate your firearms. KG coatings has taken firearms cleaning much further. They have several products that perform and clean different parts of the firearms and I found this attention to detail amazing.

The following are the products I've been using and a description of each:

KG1 Carbon Remover:
This formula is specifically designed to remove carbon build up and powder fouling, and aids in loosening copper fouling. This is especially useful on black powder firearms and also helps greatly in any firearm. Having something specifically to focus on the carbon buildup is extremely helpful. MSRP: $5.95

KG12 Big Bore Cleaner:
This is designed to clean copper from large caliber military firearms, which is why you'll notice it's a larger bottle. KG12 contains no ammonia and will not etch or otherwise harm the bore. The military has used it on howitzers with good success. Again....I wish I had something like this while I was in the military. MSRP: $9.95

KG2 Bore Polish:

This formula also helps in removing copper fouling, but also improves the condition of the bore. It removes the copper fouling, but leaves the copper embedded in the bore, which creates a smooth polished bore. This helps maintain first shot accuracy. MSRP: $11.95

KG3 Solvent & Degreaser:
This degreaser and solvent flushes away all of the cleaners and polish without leaving a residue. It is fast evaporating. MSRP: $8.95

KG4 Gun Oil:
Made to military satandards (Mil-L-63460) this is a blend of fine lubricants which provides corrosion protection along with making cleanup of the firearm easy as well. It does this by keeping firing residue in suspension. MSRP: $5.95

KG5 Micro-PTFE Trigger Lube:
This is a lubricant specifically to be used on the trigger mechanisms. It takes the KG4 and adds other fine lubricants including a low molecular weight PTFE. Not only is it great for triggers it's also great for any other close tolerance parts. MSRP: $5.95

Overall I've found this system to be a great way to get a good cleaning and lubrication of your firearms. It takes into account all the specific areas to clean on the firearms and ensures that each area is cleaned and lubricated accordingly. I will continue to use these products to further test their effectiveness...but from what I can tell so far....they are definately a high quality product!

Update: This weekend I used these products to clean a bunch of my dad's firearms. Some of these have been in our family for decades and had rarely, if ever, seen any cleaning. Some showed surface rust and one 20 gauge that was my grandfathers had never been cleaned. These products along with the Otis Deluxe elite cleaning kit got these firearms extremely clean and with very little effort once I got a technique down. I was very impressed with the quality of these products, yet again!

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