Sunday, September 7, 2008

Otis Deluxe Military Elite Cleaning System

Wow....that's what I thought when I received the Deluxe Military Elite cleaning kit from Otis. I had to sit back and just look through the kit before even beginning to clean anything. This kit is absolutely awesome. Great for the armorer or the regular civilian who has multiple firearms.

Everything you need to clean a gun is included in this kit. The Otis breach-to-muzzle system ensures that any fouling is pulled out the muzzle instead of deposited in the chamber. The Otis systems use a "flexible rod", which is a aircraft grade cable covered with a plastic or nylon coating. The attachment points at the end can take a half ton of these aren't coming apart.

One unique thing you'll find in the Otis system are the patches. In this system, which can clean 5.56MM, 7.62MM, 9MM, .45 Caliber, .50 Caliber & 12 Gauge weapons systems, only 2 patch sizes are needed and included in this kit. The patches are of excellent quality and do not leave behind any fibers. When it comes to this system the patch is attached to the flexible rod in such a manner that it comes in complete contact with the bore all the way around. With traditional cleaning rods & patches the patch tends to only come in contact with a portion of the bore and is off-center. This can also cause the rod to scratch the bore/barrel. They also thought of an attachment that aids clean the 12 gauge barrel more thoroughly as well.

All tips and tools are made of forged brass....which means no aluminum oxide build up on the parts.

One really cool thing that I really like about this deluxe system is that you can either take the whole thing with you or you can use the included ballistic nylon pouch that has belt and MOLLE attachments. This allows you to only take what you need with you. There is plenty of room in this pouch to carry patches, flexible rod, CLP, tools, and several different bore brushes, yet, it doesn't take up much room on a vest or pack.

There is also a DVD and instruction manual included with the system which explains the techniques to use. This gives you an idea of how this system differs from other ways of cleaning a firearm.

I figured that I would include a list of all the components of this system to really give an idea of how much you get...

  1. Nylon Case

  2. Compact AP brush (tubed)

  3. Pipe Cleaners (4)

  4. Chamber rod

  5. Instructional DVD & Brochure

  6. 3" mini CD rom (was not included in the kit I received)

  7. 1/2 oz. CLP (3)

  8. 5.56 bore brush (tubed)

  9. 30 cal. bore brush (tubed)

  10. 35 cal. bore brush (tubed)

  11. 38 cal. bore brush (tubed)

  12. 41 cal. bore brush (tubed)

  13. 45 cal. bore brush (tubed)

  14. 50 cal. bore brush (tubed)

  15. Locks w/keys

  16. Bore reflector

  17. Scraper set

  18. Lens cloths

  19. Lens cleaning solution (2)

  20. 12 gauge bore brush (tubed)

  21. cotton swabs (6)

  22. Lens cleaning brush

  23. 5.56 chamber brush

  24. 8" memory flex cable (2)

  25. 20" memory flex cable

  26. 8" memory flex cable w/30 cal. tip (2)

  27. 30" memory flex cable(2)

  28. 3" patches (100)

  29. 2" patches (50)

  30. Panoply 3" patches (50)

  31. Soft pack case

  32. nylon brush end

  33. compact A/P brush

  34. 22 cal. tip

  35. 22 cal. obstruction remover

  36. 30 cal. tip

  37. Shotgun cleaning tip

  38. NATO adaptor

  39. Large Obstruction remover

  40. T-handle base

  41. Scraper

  42. Pick

  43. Pin punch

  44. Female rod handle

  45. 3/4" Large patch saver

  46. Bore reflector

  47. 3" patches (10)
I have cleaned my AR15 and Glock 19 with this system and it really works great. You definitely have enough tools here to get your firearm very clean. The system even comes with ends for the regular cleaning rod that are punches to take down your rifle if need be. And it's all covered by a lifetime warranty. I plan on taking this system to my fathers house and giving all of his guns a good cleaning and I will update this post when I get that done.

MSRP $410.50

Videos courtesy of US Cav on youtube:

Rifle cleaning

Shotgun cleaning

Pistol cleaning

Patch use

Update: This weekend I used this kit to clean a bunch of my dad's firearms. Some of these have been in our family for decades and had rarely, if ever, seen any cleaning. Some showed surface rust and one 20 gauge that was my grandfathers had never been cleaned. This kit along with KG coatings solutions got these firearms extremely clean and with very little effort once I got a technique down. I was very impressed with the quality of these products, yet again!


Anonymous said...

i've seen this cleaning kit in action. We used it on several of my older rifles that had not been cleaned in a while or had never been cleaned and with the help of this kit they all looked very clean and almost new

Anonymous said...

What is that black cover on the adaptors and tips?
Metal or plastic?
If metal- can it damage the bore?

Jake said...

I believe the parts your talking about are metal. The only thing that's plastic coated are the flexible rods.

The tips are made of brass so no damage should be done to the bore.

Anonymous said...

Good post+1