Thursday, September 4, 2008

Loud Truck Energy Gummies

Loud Truck Energy Gummies provide you with all natural ingredients to include Guarana extract and vitamins such as the B vitamins to give you energy without a crash at the end like some energy products will. They also have 220mg of Vitamin C.

These gummies taste pretty good ad are fat free. I used them during some force-on-force training and I'm no scientist or medical I can't say 100% if these boosted my energy, but I believe they did. And not the jittery kind of energy, but just that awake and "ready to go" kind of energy. But yet after a few hours I didn't crash and feel like absolute trash like some energy drinks can make you feel. They come 9 in a bag and they're super convenient by just throwing them in a cargo pocket or backpack pouch.

When you buy a box of these they come out to be around $1.80 per bag...which is a savings over the high priced energy drinks that are on the market today. So if you like energy drinks to give you a little pick me up....try these out...they're good stuff!!

Flavors: Orange, Cherry

MSRP: $21.48 per box (1 box contains 12/1oz bags).

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