Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hi-Tec Sierra V-lite Fastpack boots

I almost didn't do a review on these boots due to the fact that I've owned them almost 2 years and figured that you couldn't buy them anymore, so a review would be pointless. You can , however, find them online with a google search. One place I found them was here.

They are a waterproof hiking boot made by Hi-Tec. When I got them they really didn't require much break-in time. In fact, only a couple hours in these boots and they were perfect. They have decent traction, and after 2 years they still remain waterproof. The upper is made of a durable leather and a nylon mesh material. I'm not sure what the waterproof layer is in them, but as most waterproof boots are, the breathability is reduced due to this.

They have been used for daily use as well as for hiking and camping and have held up well. As you can see they have taken quite a beating but they're still great boots. I have since retired these boots to doing yard work as I just wanted to get something new. Overall a great boot and very durable!

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