Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Camelbak "Elixir" electrolite drink tablets

These drink tablet from Camelbak are decent stuff. They combine electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals that your body needs in times of high energy. They have a decent taste when the water is cold and not too bad of a taste in warm water if that's all you can get...definitely better than plain water. The nice thing about these tablets is that there's no measuring and no messy powders to deal with. Each tablet makes 24 oz. of the drink in either lemon lime or orange (orange includes caffeine for that extra boost).

One thing to note when using these is that they act like alka seltzer so when they start to dissolve they give off a gas, so to speak and you want to be sure that the top to your bottle or camelbak is off until it dissolves most of the way to prevent a build up of pressure in your container.

The tube that contains the tablets is somewhat water resistant and is easily carried in a pocket.

Another thing that makes these nice to use in your reusable container, whether it's a bottle or camelbak, is that it's sugar free. What makes this nice is that it makes clean up easy. It's suggested that you use a mild cleaner or camelbak's cleaning tablets, but a few good rinses with water does a decent job.

I really like the convenience of these tablets and the ease of use.

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