Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Coolmax T-shirt

I got this Coolmax t-shirt from Cool Clothing USA which specializes in moisture wicking performance clothing. I have owned Coolmax shirts before and although they were light in weight and breathable I wasn't terribly impressed with the shirt itself. The shirt I owned before shrunk when washed, it held a funky odor even after washing, and it pilled (got little balls of cloth that came off the material and stuck to the shirt).

This shirt does none of that. It's made of Coolmax extreme, which is the best quality of Coolmax. I have worn it several times and washed it several times with no shrinking or pilling. It is also long enough to stay tucked in. It does an excellent job of wicking sweat away and it dries very fast. I have been very impressed with this shirt. It is very comfortable and feels like a cotton shirt but performs so much better. If you're going to be in a hot area or be wearing a lot of hot heavy gear this is a great t-shirt to wear. They come in a variety of sizes and colors including military and tactical colors.

MSRP: $13.95 each

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