Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Under Armour Heatgear compression t-shirt

I have been using this Under Armour shirt off and on for a couple years for work and I'm on the fence with this item.

I love the material because it does wick away sweat as advertised and does tend to keep you cooler by the evaporation of the sweat from the material. The tight fit of the shirt is great for an undershirt as well because it's less bulk underneath your outer uniform shirt or vest. So this makes comfort a little better than the average loose t-shirt. The area it does lack in comfort are it's seams. First off the placement of the seams could be better. For instance, the seams under the arms could be eliminated by gusseting them using a diamond piece of material. With this being a tight fit shirt the seams under the arms tend to dig into your arm pit. Also, the thickness of the seams...perhaps flat seams would be better to reduce hot spots that can occur in the seam area. One other area besides the arm pits that I've found the seams dig in is the waist area, especially when wearing a duty belt. This area can get quite tender due to the thick seams.

The tactical version has a odor reducing technology in the shirt, but the shirt I have is from their regular line and I'm not sure it has this same technology as the shirt does have a funky odor to it after a long shift.

If these small improvements were made I'd love this shirt, but as it is now I only wear it when I know I'll only have it on for a few hours.

These shirts are made in UAs tactical line also, which puts a logo on the shirt that is of the same color as the shirt so that it's more subdued and they're available in all popular colors...desert sand, black, white, OD, navy (for tactical ) and a ton of other colors for the regular version.

MSRP is $24.99

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