Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Mydogtag is a company that specializes....here it comes....wait for it...DOG TAGS!! This company can create dog tags for just about any occasion...from mil spec dog tags to pet tags, to promotional tags. You can write anything on them you want and they have such a wide variety of options beyond the standard dog tag. Great for motivational gifts for airsoft teams, paintball teams, or anything else you can think of.

I got one for my dog with contact info on it in case she gets lost. I opted for the braided wire for this tag instead of the traditional chain, as the traditional chain is designed to break away under only a couple pounds of pressure for safety reasons.

The options for the tag itself are: standard, matte, black, notched, and brass colored. The connector options are: standard dog tag chains, black chains, braided metal cord, key chain, or snap hook. The metal cord is a really cool item that can be used for a sturdy key chain. Just make sure it's tightened so it doesn't come apart.

As for the silencers, well, look on their site for color options because there are too many to list here. These silencers are a little softer than the standard military silencers, which makes them easier to put on the dog tag, but won't come off and seem like they'll hold up just as well.

If you need dog tags for mil use or just for novelty use....please look at this company...their options are great and you have a virtual preview (you can see one in my pictures below) of your tag before it's created.

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