Wednesday, June 11, 2008

"My Men are My Heroes"

"My Men are My Heroes" is the story of 1stSgt (now SgtMaj) Brad Kasal and his Marines in the fight for Fallujah. 1stSgt Kasal heard the call for help from his Marines trapped in a house in a fire-fight in Fallujah and rushed in to save his Marines. In the end more of his Marines rushed in to save him and the Marines he originally went in to save. 1stSgt Kasal risked his life and sustained multiple life altering wounds while protecting his Marines. 1stSgt Kasal is a true hero!

This book shows the true brotherhood of a fighting unit in the Marine Corps. Where rank is put aside during combat and everyone is just a Marine. Whether you're in the military, out of the military, or just a civilian (especially in a leadership position) you need to read this book. You won't be let down with this book...this is one of my favorites and I highly recommend everyone read this book!!!

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