Tuesday, June 10, 2008

"Lone Survivor"

I just got done reading this book written by Navy SEAL veteran Petty Officer 1st Class Marcus Luttrell. Marcus and his team were sent into the Afghan mountains in search of a Taliban leader and to do recon on his village and if possible capture him. During their movement to the village their 4 man team was compromised and then hunted down by over 150 Taliban. What followed was nothing short of heroic.

These SEALs fought above and beyond to for the sake of each other...they fought for the lives of their fellow comrades. I can't begin to explain here what happened on those mountains...you have to read the book. I can't say enough about the heroism of the men on this team. In the end, Marcus was the only one that made it out.

The book starts out with some of Marcus' upbringing and his experiences through BUD/S... Basic Underwater Demolitions/SEALS training. This is important to the book because it illustrates what the SEALs are put through in their training which shows you how Marcus was able to push through his injuries, extreme weather, and mental stress he was in to make it through and get out and tell his team's story.

This is a must read, military or not. You will have a great respect for the SEALs after reading this if you already don't.

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