Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Condor 3 point sling

This is a sling I bought (from Tac Gear Store) for my airsoft training rifle. It took a few minutes once I got it to figure it out even after having used a couple different 3 point slings before. It comes with plenty of attachment options, some of which I'm not even sure what they are.

This is your basic 3 point sling that attaches to the butt stock and the forearm of an M16/M4 rifle and it is made of 1.5 in. nylon strap material. To be honest the cost of this item was under $7 and I didn't expect or require much from it as it was merely a sling to hold a fairly lightweight training rifle. What I got was quite unexpected. Not only was the quality above what I expected it also had a transition release on it to transfer from strong to weak side. This buckle can be undone and the sling tightens around your body making the sling longer so that you can transition to your weak side. The buckle releases very easily unlike some other side release buckles I've seen on gear. This is a feature that I didn't expect on a $7 sling.The sling is only available in black, which was a little disappointing, but a few quick sweeps with the rattle can and it broke up the black outline of the sling a little. This is a great sling for airsoft use, or even real rifle useif you don't plan on any hard use. You'll be impressed if you get this sling for your airsoft rifle.

M4 and M16 fixed or collapsible stock attachments.

Available through AFMO.

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