Thursday, June 12, 2008

Luminox Navy SEAL

This is the original civilian version of the Navy SEAL dive watch. I have owned mine for over 6 years now and have been fairly impressed with it. As I usually do, i will get the negative comments out of the way first. One problem I ran into once was that I took the watch off before taking a shower and tossed it to the counter from a couple feet away and then later after i put it back on I noticed that the time was off significantly. This was the only time I have noticed this but i makes me question the shock resistance of this watch. Another small problem I had was the band. The band seems very durable, but not so flexible. At times my arm would get a little sore from it. It did tend to mold to my arm a little after a long period of time, but I still opted to buy a new band for the watch. The watch also includes a nylon/velcro band with it, but then it makes it difficult to turn the outer bezel because the velcro lets loose.

After a while of wear a little bit of the outer portion of the numbers starts to wear off. It's not a big deal because you can still tell which numbers are which, but just a quality thing that i would think they would fix. This watch seems to keep ok time. But I have less expensive watches that keep just about as good time.

The one thing I love about this watch is the Tritium markers on the hands and numbers. Tritium is a radioactive gas that glows as a biproduct of nuclear energy. This gas will glow easily for 20 years and then at a reduced brightness for years to come. When you buy a luminox the tritium is guaranteed for 10 years. You can easily see the markers in the dark, and underwater. The markers are all green except the 12 o'clock marker, which is orange.

The water resistance is up to 200 meters. The case is fiberglass reinforced polyester injection molded with stainless steel back. Has a unidirectional ratcheting bezel with marker. Tempered scratch resistant mineral glass crystal. Swiss movement with end of life feature (the second hand will only move once every 5 seconds to let you know the battery is low and to save on the low battery.

Made in black, blue, yellow, white, green, khaki, and red

Overall a good watch, but I don't wear this watch when I expect a lot of abuse or impact... for that I stick with a G.

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