Thursday, June 12, 2008

Timex Ironman Shock

30 Lap Triathlon

I bought this watch after using G-shock watches for several years and loving the durability of them. I had also owned a Timex Expedition for several years as well and loved the features of it. This Timex Ironman Shock watch promised all of that, plus some. One thing I noticed right off the bat when I got this watch was that it is has some weight to it and feels tough. Right when I put it on I noticed another feature I've never seen on a watch before. The end of the band that tucks under the little retainer strap has a hole in the end and the retainer strap has a "nub" underneath it that holds the retainer strap in place so that the extra watch band never comes loose. It's hard to explain, but believe me...a great little feature.

The watch seemed uncomfortable at first, but I got used to it. The band is thick and kind of stiff at first and I think that is what made it seem uncomfortable. this watch sits high off your wrist and is thick. The numbers on the face are large and very easy to read. The triathlon watches are designed with sports in mind, so the numbers are large so they're easier to read while running, biking, etc. As I said, the features are great, and one thing you can do with this watch is customize the features by turning the modes on or off, so if you don't use a certain can be turned off.

Speaking of they are:

1- Time (12/24 hour) day, date

2- 100 hour chronograph with 99 laps and recall of 30 laps.

3- Countdown timer

4- Indiglo backlight with flix (flick your wrist and the light turns on automatically). I found this feature to literally be a have to really flick your wrist and with this watch having weight to it it isn't something I ever used other than to try it out. The night mode of the indiglo is great....any button pushed (when in night mode) illuminates the display. This means you can set features and the light doesn't turn off. Also....when the watch is not in night mode you can keep the indiglo illuminated by just pushing the backlight button, then continue to push any other button while the backlight is on and that keeps the backlight illuminated.

5- Date reminder - set a date you want to remember and there are titles like "appointment, show, trip, etc" that will help you remember why the watch is giving you an alarm. The alarm can be set to go off whenever you want it to. In the time keeping mode a push of one button displays the next reminder until you let off the button.

6- Water resistant - 200 meters. The company also told me that the buttons can be pushed while under water without any leaks...however, the manual says not to.....

7- Shack resistant to ISO standards

8- 2 additional time zones

9- Golf score keeper

10- 3 alarms that have a 5 minute sleep alarm...if you don't acknowledge the first time it goes off the alarm will repeat 5 minutes later. Each alarm can be set to go off daily, weekdays only, or weekends only. Each alarm also has a different chime.

11- 6 year batteryI was pretty impressed with this watch.

I wore it for daily wear at home, while camping, at the gym and at work and had no issues. I would recommend one of these watches if you like Timex watches and their features.

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Robert said...

Looks are awesome and there are a lot of features in this watch. I too got a watches of same brand from Overstock. It too got a lot of good features.