Thursday, June 12, 2008

G-shock G-7500 torture test

This is a great watch with awesome features that was donated by Drew from Liberty, Missouri. This is a good watch for military personnel...especially with the world time and vibrate alert features. The only thing I don't like is that you can't turn the vibrate alert and the audible alert on at the same time. This watch is hefty, but doesn't seem too large.

Here are it's features:

1- Water resistant (200m)

2- Shock Resistant

3- Time (12/24 hour format), day, date display

4- Daylight savings time

5- data memory to store phone numbers (up to 30 entries)

6- Stopwatch (1/100)

7- Countdown timer

8- Vibration alarm or audible alarm ( the button beeps turn off also when the vibration option is on). The vibration feature doesn't seem to be enough to wake me up, but great for covert ops to let you know of an alarm our hourly mark.

9- 3 daily alarms/1 snooze alarm

10- hourly chime/vibrate

11- EL backlight, with auto-on feature

12- World time

Here are the results of a torture test on this watch:
1- In water for over 24 hours, no leaks.

2- Frozen for over 16 hours, still running.

3- I strapped the watch to the rear axle of my Chevy Blazer to test ir's resistance to the vibration from that and just the overall beating that the underside of a vehicle takes. Why not test this...right? It stayed there for a couple weeks in the spring NY weather (temp in the 40s (f) and rainy along with a lot of debris in the road from the winter). Other than being a little dirty there was no damage done to the watch.

4- After taking the watch off the Blazer I then cleaned it by boiling it in water for 1 minute with no damage done.

5- To dry it, of course, it took a 20 minute trip in the dryer. This test for vibration turned out, again, to not damage the watch.

6- The watch was then thrown as high as i could in the air several times, landing on damage.

7- The final test was driving over it with the blazer to see if it could take the pressure. The only damage sustained was the pin for the band bent and that half of the band fell off. A new pin was put in it and the watch was back to normal.

This watch has found a home with a soldier deployed to Iraq. CW2 Dan Rodriguez is stationed in Taji Iraq with A Co, 3-227th Assault Helicopter Bn, 1st Air Cav Brigade, 1st Cav Div. CW2 Rodriguez requested that the watch be stealthed out, so I will be doing this soon and sending it out to him. Stand by for future pictures of the watch stealthed and in it's AO in Iraq.

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