Thursday, June 12, 2008

G-shock DW-6600

This G-shock is a basic G-shock and was donated to my site by Brian D. from Milwaukee, WI. This watch has obviously been around a while and taken it's bumps, but is still a great functioning watch. When I initially did a waterproof test I checked the watch the next day and found it dead. After opening it up I found water on the inside from a damaged O-ring (it can be tricky to get it to stay in place when replacing the back of the watch). I let the watch air out, put a new battery in it, and replaced the damaged O-ring and it works great now.

Here are the features:
1- Time (12/24 hour), day, date

2- Hourly chime and daily alarm
3- Countdown timer
4- Stopwatch
5- Water resistant (200m)
6- Shock resistant
7- EL backlight

Here are some tests performed on the watch:
1- Waterproof test - in water for 24 hours, no leaks.

2- Frozen for 12 hours - no problems.

3- Boiled for one minute - no damage.

4- Tumbles in the dryer for 30 minutes - no damage.

5- Run over by a full size Blazer - no damage.

This watch "stealthed out" and then donated to George Bagley of a Scout unit with the US Army's 4th ID...who will be deploying later this year. They will be sending pictures and giving an opinion of the watch as well. Look for updates in the next couple months.

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murphquake said...

I've had the exact same G-Shock for at least 8 years now. Changed the battery once. It's beat to shit but runs lovely. Been a little less accurate so might be time for a fresh battery soon. Great watch.

Bill Murphy NREMT-P