Thursday, June 12, 2008

Timex Expedition

This watch is a very decent watch. So far it's been my favorite Timex. The features on it are great and it's very affordable. I got it at Wal Mart for around $30. First, let me get the one fault I found in it out of the way. The mineral (glass front) scratches up fairly easy. It in no way makes the watch unusable, and most times you can't even tell, but I would rather have a stronger glass used. That aside, I loved this watch for its features that were almost everything I liked for a military watch. First is that it's thin so that it fits nicely under clothing. I like this, but sometimes i like a thicker watch that will hold my sleeve above it and not cover it up so that I don't have to pull my sleeve back to look at it. But the thin is nice especially in NY in the winter when you're wearing layers of long sleeve shirts.

This watch is loaded with features...and here they are:

1- Time (12/24), day, date

2- 2nd time zone

3- Option to turn the button beep off.

4- Optional hourly chime

5- Backlight and dayglow (can set backlight to come on when any button is pushed, that way you can set the watch and the backlight won't turn off until you stop pushing buttons. This feature automatically turns off after a certain number of hours).

6- Water resistant (100 meters)

7- Leather band (like the brown color and it's breathable but don't like the leather when you have to get wet, because then you have to let it dry out)

8- Stopwatch (99 laps)

9- 3 alarms ( can be set for daily, weekdays only, or weekends only)

10- Countdown timer with countdown/stop, or countdown/repeat

Overall if you want a watch with great features and fairly durable this watch should do.

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