Wednesday, June 11, 2008

G-shock DW-9000 - torture test

This watch was donated to the site by Brian Daniels from Milwaukee, WI, and will be donated to a member of the armed forces when if survives the testing. This watch is a great basic watch, and after receiving it, I could tell it's taken a beating and hasn't missed a beat. The band that came with it is a little deteriorated, but an easy fix, with the help of Putten Lohmann from Nw Hampshire who donated a replacement band. Other than that...nothing's wrong with this watch. This is a basic model watch but all the toughness you need.

Here are some of the features of the DW-9000:

1- Shock/Water resistant (200m)

2- EL backlight with afterglow, and the light can be set to flash on the hourly chime, alarm, end of countdown alarm.

3- Time (12/24 hour format), day, date display

4- Alarm (can be set for daily, specified date, a specific day on every month, or every day on one specific month)

5- Countdown timer from 1 second to 24 hours.

6- Stopwatch

7- Resin band

8- CR2016 battery

I recently started to conduct a torture test on this watch to see how much it could take before donating it to someone that needs a tough watch. Here are the tests and results.
1- set in water for over 16 hours, no water resistant issues.
2- Frozen Solid for over 12 hours, still working.
3- Boiled for a minute, still working.
4- Put in the dryer for 30 minutes, no issues.
5- Run over by a Chevy Blazer, no issues...still working.

The only test I had trouble with on this watch was when i pushed the buttons under water. I pushed all the buttons a couple times and after opening it up, I found a small amount of moisture around the light button and on other inner parts of the watch. I did this test before changing the battery so the watch was already dead. I don't know whether it would have been enough water to kill the watch or not. The DW-6600 leaked from a bad seal and died...but after drying out, worked just fine.

The last test was a drop of about 20 feet...which of course, the watch survived.

This watch was donated to LCpl Michael Martinez (USMC) who was recently deployed to Iraq with HMM - 161 Air Frames. His grandfather informed me of his deployment and possible need for a watch. The picture is of him and his fellow Marines in Iraq wearing the watch. Before being shipped out the new watch band was attached and the watch was cleaned to include a cycle through the dishwasher on sanitize mode...of course, nothing happened to the watch.


Fedja said...

I bought this watch in 1999 and 11 years later unfortunately I have to say it does not work anymore. So all you tests are fine and dandy but when put through the toughest test of time it failed. TIME! So I went to put another battery in it because I still like this watch and it does not function any more what so ever. Let me know if these things have a lifetime warranty or something please. E-mail is the DW-900 in the subject line please. Thank you.

Jake said...

One thing you might need to do when putting in a new battery is short out the watch. This is standard practice and is even described by casio. Basically there should be a spot on the inside on the back of the module where the battery goes in that says "AC" on it. Us a paper clip and touch the hole by the "AC" spot with another piece of metal on the back and it'll short it out. You may have to experiment a little with this till you find the right spot to short it. I've had a couple G-shocks that required this after battery replacement. And the watches did the same as yours... looked dead until i shorted them out, then they ran fine.
As for the warranty they may consider the replacement if it doesn't work after trying the above. They have a limited lifetime warranty, but you'd have to contact them with the specifics to see if they'd honor it for your watch!
I will email you when i can get to my email!

Anonymous said...

I bought my DW9000 G-Lide in 1996 and it still works like a charm so far, It's been almost 15 years!!!!

ollie k said...

Bought mine in 1997 (18years) now still works