Monday, May 5, 2008

Wingnut Gear Wallet

I bought this wallet about 8 months ago and have been using it on a daily basis ever since. This wallet is made by Wingnut Gear, which produces products of bycicling and outdoor sports. This wallet has 4 compartments that the manufacturer claims to be watertight. It also has 3 additional pockets for credit cards, a main money compartment and an ID window on the inside. The watertight compartments are sealed using a ziplick type seal and the pull tabs for opening these compartments are reflective. I'm not sure why they are reflective. The material is very thin but feels durable and is a ripstop type material. The wallet also comes with a lanyard that attaches to the wallet and can be used to carry the wallet around your neck if you don't have pockets or to attach it so you don't lose the wallet.
As you can see from some of my other pages, I like to test gear if possible before having to use it in a real life situation. I performed 3 tests on this wallet to test it's water resistance. I put pieces of paper in the waterproof pockets and then checked if they were wet after each test.
Test 1: I briefly held the wallet under the shower head to simulate getting caught in the rain the then getting in out of the rain. The water beaded up and ran off the material. The paper was dry.
Test 2: I dunked the wallet for a short period of time....only a few seconds, but it was totally immersed. The paper showed a small amout of water leakage.
Test 3: I let the wallet sit in water for approximately 15 minutes. The paper was wet and the water had soaked through the material.
I would classify this as water resistant, but definately not waterproof.
One of the compartments has the ziplock area seperating from the material, but it is designed in a way that this doesn't affect the water tight properties of the compartment. Asside from that, this wallet is very durable, and I was surprised when I put all my things in the wallet that it seemed thinner than my previous wallet. Overall, a good wallet for the outdoors type.

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