Monday, May 5, 2008

Princeton Scout Headlamp

I have been using this
headlamp made by Princeton for a few months now while working in the dark at work. It has been very useful and durable so far. I have yet to use it in the rain or cold weather, but will update this as soon as it gets exposure to either. The lamp has a waterproof level 1 rating (splashes and quick dunks in water). This headlamp uses 2 LEDs (10 lumens) and has a push button on/off. This button (orange button in pictures to the left) is covered to prevent it from being pressed accidentally. The part of the lamp that adjusts it's angle covers the button.
The headlamp has several modes... 3 levels of illumination, and 2 flashing speeds. I have found that the lowest level is OK for close work and the medium level is good for normal work. The distances and hours of operation for the different modes are as follows:
- low: 48 hours, 8 meters
- medium: 36 hours, 10 meters
- High: 24 hours, 15 meters
- Slow flash: 70 hours
- Fast flash: 50 hours
There are also several ways to mount the headlamp. The adjustable elastic head strap is included with the lamp. It can also be attached to any strap that is the same width as the strap. Also, it can be removes from the strap and clipped to a hat or anything else that the clip will fit.
Replacement batteries are: 4-#2032 lithium coin cells.

06/26/08 - Update: I just put fresh batteries in this headlamp this past weekend to use on a camping trip. We got all set up and one it got dark out I went to use the headlamp and the part where the headband connects to the light broke off. I was quite disappointed since this isn't a light I had used too much so it shouldn't have been wort to the point of breaking. I will super glue it and try to continue to use it, but I'm pretty much counting this one out. Not necessarily this style or brand of light, but this specific one due to the piece being glued together.

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