Monday, May 5, 2008

Nalgene Bottles

Nalgene bottles are super tough and when I first saw people using Nalgene bottles I wondered regular bottled water bottle worked fine...and it was a 99c bottled water and just reuse the bottle. Well I started looking into Nalgene bottles and noticed some things. Most Nalgene bottles are of high density material....a plastic type material. Here are some of the features of this material :
1- High impact resistant
2- Resistant to staining
3- Won't retain odors
4- Withstands sub-freezing (down to -135C/-211F) to boiling temperatures (up to 135C/248F).
5- Dishwasher safe (away from heating element)
6- Recyclable (if somehow you damage it and want to recycle it)
There are also more flexible nalgene bottles made of a different material. However, the ones I've found used most often are the dense ones. I've found that Nalgene brand is the best out there. I've tried other off-brands and they are ok, but have had several of them leak just from being placed in a backpack and sloshed around. What's nice is that you can have a juice or other drink in the bottle, and a quick rinse of hot water and there is no trace of the first drink, no odor, taste or stains. In theory you could also boil water in the bottle...and I plan on testing this at some point. I have dropped my nalgene bottles while full and there is no damage whatsoever to the bottle. And once every few uses I throw it in the dishwasher to get a good cleaning.
Can you freeze drinks in it all the time. I leave a little room at the top for expansion of the water. No damage has ever been done due to freezing.
The tops are held on by a loop that attaches to the bottle. This is nice for hooking the bottle to a bag, etc. using a carabiner or other strap.
Most Nalgene bottles also have measurements on the side in ml and Oz, which makes it easy for mixing drinks.

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