Sunday, May 4, 2008

Wiley X Romer 2 Sunglasses

These sunglasses are made by WileyX, a company that makes several great glasses and goggles. I have had these sunglasses since 2003 and have been greatly impressed with them. They are the Romer 2 style and are in use with military, law enforcement and all types of civilians. In the years that I have had them they have proven themselves. Mine came with clear lenses and a red reflective lens, and all styles come with a bag that secures closed with Velcro and can be used to clean the glasses as well. The bag also has a clip on it to attach the bag to gear.. They are great for use as safety glasses as well as sun glasses as they are ANSI Z87.1-2003 high velocity safety compliant. They are very light, and fit close to the head to allow for use with different helmets and other headgear. The lenses are quite big, so you look a little like a bug wearing them, but this is by design. They are large enough to prevent anything from flying into the eye, and also large enough so you don't notice the frame of the glasses in your field of view.
Throughout the years the lenses (which are replaceable) have gotten several small scratches on them, however, they are not noticeable when wearing the glasses. One area where the lenses have been scratched is due to the design of the temples. The part that goes behind your ear rubs against the lens when folded and causes scratching in this area. It is really out of the line of sight so you don't notice it too much. You can see these scratches in the picture above.
Recently I had these glasses in an outer pocket of a pack and when I got them out to wear them I noticed that one of the temples had broken off. I was surprised at this, but I super-glued it back on and it has held up so far. You can see this repair in the picture below.
All in all these have been my favorite pair of glasses for use on the range and while on duty. The are light, durable and are proven to protect your eyes.

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