Sunday, May 4, 2008

Oakley Fives

I have owned these glasses for at least 3 years and I only bought a second pair because I now use the black pair as beater glasses. The Oakley fives 2.0 are designed for someone who wants a smaller pair of sunglasses. They are extremely durable, and in fact I once thought that my son broke them because the bow broke off, then after looking at them i realized that they just snapped right back together. Over the years that I've owned them they have gotten some scratches on them, however, most times you don't even notice the scratches. A lot of Oakley lenses are ANSI rated for safety glasses, however, the site doesn't say anything about it for this pair. I still trust them at the range though. The lenses filter out UVA, UVB, and UVC and harmful blue light up to 400nm (whatever the heck that is). The lenses pop right out, so when you want to replace them, it's a breeze. The only downside to these glasses is when you're wearing a hat... the bayonet style bows have to be tucked under the hat or the hat has to be work a little higher on the head. These are extremely comfortable and lightweight glasses and are reasonably priced (for Oakleys) at MSRP of $70 and come in a variety of frame/lens color combos. They can be bought at US Standard Issue for a discounted price by Military,LE, and other government and public service personnel.

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