Sunday, May 4, 2008

Merrell 45 degree Trail Runner

These are the first and only pair ofMerrell boots I've had so far, and the reason being that they're the only pair is because I just haven't had a reason to replace them until recently. I've had these boots for around 7 years and they're just now starting to go south on me. I don't even think they make this model anymore. After having them for about 2 years one of the eyelets let loose from almost daily wear, but I just skipped that eyelet and they still fit great still. This winter they started to leak water in the boot and I found that the water was getting in where the upper attaches to the sole, and the sole started to squeek, which got a little annoying. These boots do have a waterproof barrier, but it finally bit it. I have to say that these boots were built extremely well, and as the name implies, they were made for winter time so they're fairly well insulated and have an aggressive tread. I did wear them in the summer as well, and they were a little warm, but not uncomfortable. The picture is of the boots after 7 years of hard use.
AS I said, I haven't found these around anymore, but I recommend Merrell boots to everyone, just based on my experiences with this pair. When I do get another pair, they will definitely go up on here as a review.


Anonymous said...

I agree 100%. I have a pair that I bought in Spain about 10 years ago, and wore most of the time and in all the places I have travelled. The 45 degree is the best I have had and now I am looking for an exact replacement or equivalent from merrell (without any luck).

Anonymous said...

I so miss my 45 degrees boots. Got them in a garage sale about 2002 for 75 cents. Worked in an orchard store; stood on concrete all day and they were the only thing I could wear. I would happily pay alot more then 75 cents for a used pair today.