Sunday, May 4, 2008

Altama Jungle Boots

These are the standard issue jungle boot for the military. The Army and Marine Corps are steering toward different styles of boots, but this is/was the standard issue jungle boot. One thing to note is that there are mil spec versions and civilian versions. The easiest way to tell them apart is by looking at the bottom of the boot. If they are Altama brand then the mil spec version will just have a number for the size on the bottom, the civilian version will have "Altama" written on the bottom along with the size. I have found these boots to be extremely durable. Throughout my time in the military and while wearing these hiking and camping they have never failed me (i have had a cheap import version lose a sole while rock climbing in a gully). They are great in warm, wet environments as they were designed for the jungles of Vietnam. Here are the specs:
1- 9" height
2- Panama sole (a sierra sole which is more of a lug sole is also available)
3- Black cordura and leather uppers
4- Padded collar
5- Vulcanized rubber sole
6- Removable insole
7- Nylon coated brass speedhook/eyelet lacing system
8- In-step drainage vents
9- Steel shank spike protection.
One thing I've found with most mil spec boots, especially Altama boots is the laces, which are something most people don't think about until they break at an inconvenient time. These laces won't break....or at least I've never had a pair break....they are extremely tough. I'm not going to lie though...they aren't the most comfortable boots I've worn...however, they aren't uncomfortable either. So if you want a fairly light pair of boots that are great in the heat or water, then these are a great pair of boots for you.

MSRP $109.99.

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