Sunday, May 4, 2008

Bates Durashock Jungle Boot

These are the boots that are basic issue to the US Navy SEALS. Bates worked with the Naval Special Warfare group to develop these boots specifically to the SEALs needs. I bought these boots at boot camp and wore them off and on for 7 years in the Marines. They are extremely light weight and very wearing a sneaker. They have just enough traction but not so much as to collect too much mud. The instep has vents to let water out...and unlike a lot of jungle boots, it actually works. I've found with a lot of jungle boots they insole covers these vents. Also...they still have the original insole. They are great for waterborne operations and I wore them almost every time I did my combat swimming qualifications. They take very little time to dry out as well.For wearing them as much as I have they actually show very little wear for 7 years of use. Overall the fit is good, just a little loose, but i may need a half size smaller than what I have. The durability is awesome and they far excede mil issue in all aspects.
Current MSRP: $149.95
Also available in steel toe, desert, foliage (Air Force Sage)

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