Sunday, May 4, 2008

Colombia Interchange Jacket

I have owned this winter jacket for 3 years now and expect many more years of use out of it. This jacket is a 3-in-1 jacket and has great features. The outer shell features "omni-tech" which is a breathable waterproof material. The outer also has 2 hand warmer packets, one left sleeve pocket and 2 inner packets. A detachable hood is also included, but attaches via 3 snaps. I would rather that the hood attached a little more sometimes the snaps let loose when you're putting on a pack, etc, and the hood falls off. Also, the hood doesn't stash away anywhere, which leaves me to taking it off most times and leaving it home. There are zippers under the arms to help vent the jacket when just the outer shell is worn, but they seem to go down the inside of the arms instead of under the arm pits, which doesn't seem to help you cool off...just cools your arms down. The inner liner is fleece and attaches very securely using velcro and zippers. It has 2 inner pockets and 2 hand warmer pockets. This jacket also has a high collar which is nice in the winter to keep you warm. The front zipper is covered with a flap that snaps over it to keep the snow off the zipper, but the zipper is only a one way zipper, so it makes number 1 head calls (going pee) difficult without unzipping the whole thing. The sleeves are adjustable with velcro. The outer will absorb some water, but it doesn't seem to get through to the inside. I have found this jacket fairly warm, but in some frigid temps a couple layers underneath helps a bit. This jacket should be ordered a size bigger if you're going to layer under it because the arms are snug otherwise. This is nice that the arms are more streamlined, but makes laying difficult. Overall...a great winter jacket that is very durable.

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